Jim Pillen's Written Testimony In Support Of Anti-CRT Legislation 

February 23, 2022

In Nebraska, we believe in opportunity and the American Dream. We believe that, no matter what background you come from, no matter how much money you make, and no matter the color of your skin, you can work hard, get an education, and make your life better. The approach of critical race theory runs counter to these values.

Critical race theory teaches that the majority in this country are currently, actively, and systemically oppressing racial minorities. CRT promotes false and divisive narratives about our country’s history. It teaches that capitalism is racist, and holds that foundational American values, like hard work, grit, and resilience, are unjust and should not be rewarded.

Worst of all, critical race theory promotes racial discrimination. Ibram Kendi, critical race theory’s leading proponent, wrote, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” I and the majority of Nebraskans find this belief — that we need to discriminate against fellow Nebraskans — as the polar opposite to how we live in this state, as neighbors helping neighbors.

If you do not believe critical race theory is being forced on our kids in K-12 classrooms or in our university, then you are not paying attention. The Nebraska State Education Association passed a resolution last year defending CRT, saying the anti-American 1619 Project needed to be in schools. We need to act to protect our K-12 students from CRT and make sure our universities promote free inquiry by defending students and staff who want no part in this divisive, anti-American ideology.

The only solution is to rid our classrooms of these toxic, radical, anti-American ideas. CRT is wrong, and it is totally disconnected from the way Nebraskans live their lives. Here, we work hard, we treat people with fairness and respect, and we look out for our neighbors. We can disagree with our neighbors on important issues without hostility or intimidation. That’s the Nebraska way.

That is why I believe we need to ban critical race theory completely in K-12 education and ban the imposition of CRT on our university level. I urge the Legislature to support and pass LB 1077.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jim Pillen
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